Green Building


green building

SAS Infra takes pride in building environmental friendly ventures. Green Building is our primary metric for excellence. On every project Undertaken, our first step would be on considering environmental friendly design. Our commitment towards hygiene, healthy and natural atmosphere ventures with luxury amenities and wide variety of facilities made us leader in Green building construction.

SAS Infra ITower adheres to green building standards. We are committed to being environmental responsible and resource efficient through-out the life cycle of the building.

• Ingenious use of energy, water and other resources
• Minimizing waste, effluence and environmental dilapidation

Green building is a combination of an array of practices, methods, and skills to minimize and eventually eliminate the effects of constructions on the environment and residents’ well-being. SAS Infra has taken the following steps with an emphasis on renewable resources.

Adopting Neighborhood Lakes: SAS Infra is firmly committed to the environmental friendly society. We plan to adopt the neighborhood lakes and create lush green gardens for a more Eco-friendly lifestyle.

environmental friendly ventures

Radiant Air Conditioning – It is a finely honed technology in Switzerland which helps us save 70% of power consumption. The technology is in its infancy here in India. It primarily works on removing the hot air and circulating cooled water in its pipes to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Radiant Air Conditioning

Solar Power Provision – As the emphasis is on using renewable energy, this is one of the best techniques to generate electricity. Using solar power brings down the cost considerably and helps to slow/stop global warming.

Solar Power Provision

Water Sewage System – To sustain and maintain the occupant health through-out the life cycle of the building, sewage water is recycled for building cleaning and plant maintenance

Water Sewage System

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